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Schlagwort: Protest

Questions & Answers about the Heimstaden Deal

Those who learned that their home is one of more than 130 houses bought by the Swedish Heimstaden AB now have many urgent questions. In the latest weeks of organizing and at large networking meetings, many questions have already been collected and answered. We have documented these together with the Tenants’ Union of Berlin and summarized them here.

StopHeimstaden: Kiezspaziergang und Laternenumzug zur BVV

Die Vernetzung der Mieter*innen-Initiativen StopHeimstaden lädt zum mietenpolitischen Kiezspaziergang in Friedrichshain und zur Abschlußkundgebung vor dem Sitzungsort der BVV in der Palisadenstr. 48 ein. Wir veröffentlichen hier die Einladung.